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Benefits Included with Membership


  • No Copay
  • No Annual Deductible
  • No claims to file, no pre-authorization, or denials for covered service
  • Annual Wellness Visits with labs (CBC w/diff, thyroid panel, lipid panel, HgbA1C) ** Included once/year
  • Sick Visits
  • Venipuncture; common lab tests at low prices (lab fees additional)
  • Same-day or next-day appointments
  • Unlimited access to the provider via email, text, phone
  • Telemedicine
  • Access to wholesale pricing on procedures and supplies
  • Low-cost medications
  • Diet and disease management coaching
  • Ear Wax Removal
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Extended time with the health care provider
  • Upfront Pricing
  • Timely refills/Medications delivered to your door (if you live within the service area and with participating pharmacy)
  • 15 visits per year for individuals, 24 visits per couple/family
    • Additional visits (after a max of 15/24 visits met) $25/visit.
  • Procedures on a la carte menu are included, however, there is an additional charge to cover medications/supplies
  • plus much more…

Monthly Membership Pricing

Common Services

Access to quality healthcare that is family-centered & affordable.

Transparent pricing on all our services. See Pricing for more details. 

Same-Day or Next-Day appointments

Longer times spent with your healthcare provider assuring all your needs are met. 

An affordable monthly retainer that will take care of 90% of your medical needs for primary care. See pricing for more details.

Unlimited access by email, phone, or text.

Annual Exam with labwork included. 

  • Physical Exams
  • Vertigo/Dizziness
  • Wound Care
  • GERD/Acid Reflux
  • Phlebotomy
  • Skin Infection
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Hypertension Management
  • H. Pylori
  • Diabetes Management
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Asthma Management
  • Eczema
  • Pharyngitis/Strep Throat
  • Ingrown Toenail
  • Otitis Media
  • Suturing
  • Otitis Externa
  • Birth Control
  • Acne Management
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Anemia
  • Exercise Counseling
  • Headache
  • Weight Management
  • STD Treatment
  • Fungal Infections
  • Allergies/Allergic Rhinitis
  • Hypothyroid Management
  • Cold/Influenza
  • Scabies
  • Sinusitis
  • Lice
  • Well-Child Exam
  • Vision Screening
  • Vitamin Deficiency

We do NOT see emergency situations! If you are experiencing chest pain, difficulty breathing, or any other life-threatening situation, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room!

A La Carte

Common Lab Pricing Examples

*prices subject to change

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